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Adding a Call

Manager(s) and Administrator(s) can create Calls / Events (in the Schedule / Calendar) for the members of their Productions.

1. Go to Schedule > View Schedule 

2. Click the [Add Call] button

3. Select the Production you would like to make the call for, using the Drop down menu.

4. Enter the title of you call.

5. Select your call type, using the drop down menu.
            -Add/Edit Call Types

6. Select the Location of your call, using the drop down menu.

7. Add any notes to your call.
    -Use the CKEditor to add styles to your notes

8. Select the Starting and Ending date and times of the call.

10. Select whether you would like this to be a Closed Call or an Open Call.

11. Add users to the call, either by using the Users selection menu, or using the Groups selection menu.
       -Users can be added to as many Groups as needed.

12. Decide if this Call will be Free or Busy (Impact the Users' and Space's availability). 
13. Select if this will be a "Draft" Call (Seen only by Managers and Administrators). 
14. Select to "Send Notification" to the users you have called.

15. Click Save to add your call 

16. Choose what to do next
  • Add Similar keeps all of the information you entered the same, including the Date & Time. Make sure you edit the timeframe.
  • Add New will open a new blank Conflict modal, returning the timeframe back to the current date.
  • Return to list will take you to the page you were last on

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