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Add Multiple Users at once

Manager (L3) or Administrator (L4) can add Users. There are two ways to add users. The first is to add them one at a time, the other way is to import them from a CSV (comma separated value) file. Many people utilize the second method to import their contacts.

Adding a group of Users 

1. Go to Administration > User Administration.       

2. Click on the Import Users from CSV button.  

3. You can create a CSV file from scratch or get a template by clicking the Click here to download a CSV template link. (You may be able to generate a CSV from your current email program or from your organizations user database. If so, make sure that the field order matches ours.)
  • Each row will need the first name, last name, email address, and the desired user level (1-4).
4. Click the Choose File button.
  • Use your computer's file browser to find and select the CSV file.

  • The system will run a check for repeats in each of the values. You will see the double page icon next to a repeated value.

  • Assess the marked entries, if any exist. If there appears to be a user duplication, you can remove the entry by clicking the button to the right. If it is in fact a valid entry, do nothing to leave it on the list.
5. Customize the users' welcome email if you like.
  • The system will automatically insert the site link and information the new users will need to get registered.
  • The system will automatically generate usernames and passwords for each user.
6. Click the Create User button at the bottom of the modal. (The invitation will be sent to the User. If they do not see the message, have them follow the Message Troubleshooting.)  
  • You should see a success message and a list of all of your created users.


  1. Administrators (L4) can access the new users by setting the Production filter to All Productions (use the search field to quickly find the new users.
  2. Select the Edit button for the desired user.
  3. Managers (L3) can now add the user to the productions of which they are a part.
  1. Go to Administration > Production Administration.
  2. Add the new user to the desired productions.

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