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Assign Users to file Reports

To assign the Users who can file Reports:
  1. Go to Reports > Reports Administration.
  2. Scroll to find the Report you would like to allow someone to utilize.
  3. Click the Tool Icon to the right of the Report.
  4. Select Edit Report Recipients.
  5. If the User isn't already on the Recipient list, select his/her name and check the box next to Allow User(s) to file reports under this report template.
  6. Click the Add Selected User button.
  7. If the User is already on the Recipient list, click the shaded X in the Can File Report column.
When a User creates a Report Template, he/she is automatically added to the Report as a Filer.

If you are an administrator (L4) and  are having trouble seeing the Templates, be sure your site selector is set to All Active Productions.

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