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Create and Add to a Discussion

Contributors (L2), Managers (L3), and Administrators (L4) can create and participate in Discussions; Viewers (L1) can participate in them.

Creating a Discussion  

  1. Go to Discussions
  2. Click the New Post button.
  3. Select the desired Production.
  4. Enter a Title.
  5. Add your message (don't forget you can use the Text Editor for appearance and adding links).
  6. Select the users, departments, groups, and roles that you would like to participate in this discussion. (Any users added to the departments, groups, and roles will be added discussion.)
  7. If there are files that you would like to share as part of the discussion, you can select existing ones or load new ones.
  8. Check the Send Notification box if you would like the Discussion post to be sent to the participants.
  9. Click the New Post button when you are ready to submit it.

*Participants can reply to the main post as well as to any reply posts.

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