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How do I send a Note?

Contributors (L2), Managers (L3), and Administrators (L4) can send notes to all of the members of their Productions. All users, including Viewers (L1), can send a "Note to Management" from their Dashboards; this message can be set to go to a single Manager/Administrator or to a combination.

Sending a Note 
  1. Go to Notes & Emails.
  2. Click the Send Note button.
  3. Select the Production about which you would like to send a Note.
  4. Add a subject.
  5. Enter the message (using the text editor can help create focus, make it more visually interesting, or share web links).
  6. Choose the individual users, or Groups of users.
  7. Click Send Note to send the Message. 

The Note will appear on the user's Dashboard and on the Notes & Email tab, as well as being sent to them as an email and/or text (dependent on the site and the user's personal settings).  

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