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Can I share web links for things like research or videos with my Production team?

There are a several features in VirtualCallboard that will allow you to share hyperlinks with other users; each of these features use the site's text editor. This is available in Announcements, Notes, Discussions, Calls, and Reports. All of the site's editors work as shown below.

Sharing web links through Announcements

  1. Go to Announcements.
  2. Click the Add Announcement button.
  3. Choose your Production(s) and give the Announcement a title.
  4. Enter the Announcement message.
  5. Select the text that you would like to serve as the link and click the Hyperlink button. You can then enter a web or email address to be linked under the Link Info tab.
  6. Go to the Target tab and select the desired navigation choice. Choosing New Window_blank will send the recipient to a new tab in his/her browser, which will keep him/her from navigating away from the original Announcement. 
  7. Set the Announcement's expiration date. 
  8. Click Add Announcement to save and post the announcement. 

You can choose how you want the window to open under the Target tab. 

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