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Create an Announcement

Contributors (L2), Managers (L3), and Administrators (L4) can add Announcements to all of the members of a single or multiple Productions at the same time. Administrators can also add Announcements to All Productions ((members of all current Productions as well as all future Productions can see that Announcement as long as it is active).

Creating an Announcement

  1. Go to Announcements.
  2. Click the Add Announcement button.
  3. Select the Production for which you would like the Announcement to be visible; (L4) users have the option to chose All Productions.
  4. Add a subject.
  5. Enter the Announcement (using the text editor can help create focus, make it more visually interesting, or share web links).
  6. Set the Announcement's expiration date. 
  7. Click Add Announcement to save and post the announcement. 

The Announcement will appear on the user's Dashboard and on the Announcment tab.

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