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Upload a file

Contributors (L1), Managers (L3), and Administrators (L4) can upload any number of items to the "File Sharing" feature, which is currently compartmentalized by Departments and Productions. A file can be shared with multiple Departments within a given Production, with all individuals in a given Production, or with All Productions.

Only an Administrator can upload files to All Productions. The advantage to adding something to All Productions is that in addition to being available to all current Productions, that file will be available to every Production added to your site in the future.

There are two place that a file can be added: on the "File Sharing" tab and also when you Add/Edit or Reply to a Discussion post. 

Upload Using the "File Sharing" Tab
  1. Go to "File Sharing"
  2. Click the "Upload File" button on the right (a modal will open)
  3. Select the Production for which you would like to share the file
  4. Drag & Drop the files you want to share, or Click the "Choose File" button to browse your computer for a file to load
  5. Enter the desired file name if it is different than the original file's name
  6. Select the Virtual Folder in which you would like it to be stored. Managers and Administrators can add/edit the virtual folders
  7. Click the button to determine if you want to share the file with "All Users" or "Specific Groups"
  8. You can now enter a Note/Description about the file if needed
  9. If desired, check the "Send Notification" box.   A message will be sent the members of the selected users and groups to notify them of the shared file; a link to the file on your site will be included (If you are loading multiple files, a separate notification is sent for each file)
  10. Click the "Upload File" button to save the file and send the Notification if checked

Upload from the Discussion Feature
  1. Go to "Discussions"
  2. Add a Post, Reply to an existing Post, or Edit an existing Post
  3. Scroll down and click the "Upload File" button
  4. The same "Upload File" modal from above will open
  5. Follow the same steps as above
  6. Once you save the file, you are taken back to the Discussion post. You can now select the desired files by clicking the checkbox next to each one. 
  7. Files saved to a discussion will insert a link to the file. Image files will appear in the post.


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