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Reactivate a User

An Administrator (L4) has the ability to find and reactivate Users who were previously added to his/her VirtualCallboard.

To Reactivate a User

  1. Go to Administration > User Administration
  2. Click the Reactivate User button on the far right. A modal will be opened.
  3. Scroll through the list of deactivated Users and select the one you would like to reactivate.
  4. Check the option(s) that apply: Reset User's Password and Send Re-invitation Email to reset the User’s password. and/or Update User's Email Address if you need to change his/her email address.

Once a User is reactivated, L3 and L4 users can then view and edit the User's Company Membership from the User profile or by adding him/her to a Production from the Production Administration's Manage Users button.

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