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Does every User need a login to check the website? Or do we use our VirtualCallboard site to send them copies of the Schedule?

The VirtualCallboard system is designed as a central web location where all of your organization's Production information can be stored. Each person in your organization can have an account and can log in at any time to see the most up-to-date information for Productions that pertain to him or her. In addition to getting the information online, most of our site's features have:
  • The option to email the desired Users specific content such as Schedules, Notes, and Announcements. If enabled, Schedule Notifications and Notes can be sent via TXT/SMS.
  • The ability for a User to synchronize their VirtualCallboard calendar with a Google, Microsoft Outlook, or Apple calendar. 
  • Printer Friendly options, on the relevant pages, so that information can be put on a physical callboard if desired. 
  • *****NEW April 2019: You can send your users a full list of their scheduled Calls within a range of times that you select!

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