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How do I deactivate a User after a Production has closed?

Administrators (L4) can deactivate a User when that User no longer needs to access VirtualCallboard. Before deactivating anyone, you will want to make certain that the User has completed all responsibilities. Once confirmed, you can deactivate him/her this way:
  1. Go to Administration > User Administration. 
  2. Select the correct Production.
  3. Scroll through the User table to find the User you intend to remove. To make certain he/she is not currently an active member of another Production, check his/her Production Membership.
  4. Once you are sure your organization does not need to keep the User active, click the Deactivate button next to the User's name.
  5. Click OK when asked to confirm the deactivation.
It is recommend that you keep Users active if you intend to add them to a Production in the future, but you can reactivate a User if needed even after having completed these steps.

Once you have deactivated all of the desired Users in a completed Production, you can archive the Production.

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