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To Edit Users, Spaces, and some other global things: the user needs Administration Common permissions.

There are a number of features within the VirtualCallboard and StageStock systems that are shared between them. These are what we call "Common." To be able to manipulate/edit these things, the user will need to have the specific permission roles listed under "Common. This is in addition to their Permissions for StageStock and VirturalCallboardyou can find a list of all of the Permission rolls by clicking on the links under the product titles. The common permissions are listed in both articles.

To give a user the common permissions
  • Go to the User's profile 
  • Select the "Administrative Permissions" subtab
  • Check the box next to "Common" Select if you want them to have:
  • "Administrator"
  • "Manager"
  • or a custom one you create.

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