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QR Code Scan / Bar Code Scan

We support a few different types of bar code scanning for both Mobile and Desktop:

1. Mobile phone web scanning: if you're using the QR codes generated by your site, you can use your favorite camera app on a mobile phone to scan the QR code. 

The QR code is the web address for the item's detail page, scanning it will take you directly to the item. 


2. Mobile device StageStock App (iOS & Android) Scanning: On the Inventory tab 
  • Click the [Scan] button on the bottom of the page. 
  • point the scan window at your QR code or your Barcode 39. The search and automatically open the Item's detail page.
3. USB Scanning: For desktop or laptop applications, we have tested a couple of USB bar code scanners that work with all the types of barcoding we support in our application. 

  • To initiate a scan, you click the scan button at the top of the screen (near the search bar) 

  • When the Scan Modal opens, use the USB-attached scanner to read the bar code. 


Your browser will then be redirected to the listing.

We have tested and recommended the TEEMI T22 QR Barcode Scanner 

*Site access and permissions are applied to all scanning. Users that do not have a site login or permission to view Items in a Category will be prevented from viewing those items.

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