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Importing StageStock Items

If you are migrating your inventory from another system or wish to work offline in Excel or another spreadsheet program, we can assist you in doing a bulk import of items into StageStock.

Preparing your import:
  1. Ensure you have entered all categories, locations, and item conditions into StageStock
  2. Email and request the categories, locations, and item condition file exports for your account. You will use the unique identifiers in these exports to create your item import spreadsheet.
  3. Download this CSV template
  4. Fill in one line per item.
  5. Submit the completed spreadsheet to
We can usually process error-free spreadsheets within 24 hours. We will communicate with you if we have any issues with the import.

Limitations of item import

The following values cannot be imported:
  • Item images
  • Item tags
  • Item history 

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