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Response to a Cancelation Request


Thank you for your email. I hope that your time with EmptySpace was helpful. 

Please let me know which option you would like:
  1. Would you like us to put you in "Archive Only" status for now? That will allow you to access your current Production information for free for up to a year. May sites do this when they are off for part of the season.
  2. Would you like to "Deactivate" for now? This will keep all of your Production/Site information intact for up to a year. You can reactivate your site at any time.
  3. Would you like to "Delete" your site? If you chose this option, you will not be able to recover any of the site's data.
I look forward to hearing from you so I can help you with your request. 


Jason McDaniel
Creators of VirtualCallboard
888-666-0558 x:5

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