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Managing the Users/Managers that receive "Messages to Management" and Conflict Notifications.

When managing a Production, it is helpful to assign at least one User to receive a Production's "Message to Management" & Notifications. This will allow the Production's user a quick way to reach out to the proper User(s) that manage their Production. 

Managing a Production's Message to Management

1. Go to Administration>Production Administration
2. Select the Assign Users button next to the desired Production.
3. In the second selection list (Receives Messages to Management) Scroll through the list, and check the the box next to each of the Production's User that you would like to receive the "Messages to Management" (When enabled, notification are sent to them when Users add Conflicts.

Only users with the permission to
Assign Users to a Production can access this. (Use the permission chart to determine which role to assign.)

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