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Add StageStock Users (One at a time)

Users with the Administrative - Common permission role: Manager or Administrator can create new users.
Adding site Users (There is no limit to the number of users on your site)

Create the User

1. Go to Administration > User Administration.
2. Click the Add User button.
3. Add the First and Last name of the individual.
4. Add their email address.
5. Select Automatically generate username or Specify username.
6. If you desire, customize the users' welcome message. (The system will automatically insert the site link and information the new users will need to get registered.)
Currently our StageStock system is auto inserting the VirtualCallboard welcome message until we can get it fixed I recommend you customize your message. Here are some suggestions:
  • You have been registered as a user of the <your site name> StageStock located at <your URL> ((If people use the .vcallboard extension they will be taken to the same place.)
  • With your membership, you will be able to access your sites inventory information
7. Select Send Random Password or I will specify a password.
8. Click the Next button.

Assign user to StageStock  

Users with the Administrative - StageStock permission role: Manager or Administrator can assign users to any Category. (This overrides the Per Category permissions.)
Users with the Per Category - StageStock permission role: Manager or Administrator can assign users to the specific Category.  

9. The Category Permission page will list the available Categories. 
10. Choose the Categories and Permissions roles you want to add the user to. (Use the permission chart to determine which role to assign.)
11. Click the Save button.

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